Light box and Illuminated Electronic Signage

High impact light box signage and illuminated 3D letters and numbers are a fantastic way to give your business the exposure it needs day or night. Marley Signs are LED Sign Specialists here in Perth, Western Australia Offering LED Display boards and content management via Cloud software.

Custom Light Box Signage & Illuminated Signs

Light Boxes & Illuminated Signs are a great way to give your business the exposure it needs. Here at Marley Signs we are able to custom make any light box to your requirements, we will deliver unmatched quality and service. We are Electrical signage specialists, All signage electrical work is performed by fully licensed and qualified electricians and meets all Australian standards & regulations.

Our professional sign writers can manufacture any form of illuminated signs ranging from light boxes to illuminated 3D letters.

Custom made Light Boxes & Illuminated Signs are manufactured using Acrylic Perspex or Polycarbonate sheeting, these martials are perfect for Permanent indoor wall letters and outdoor building letters or logos.

With many illumination options, 3D signs leaves passers by with a professional impression of your business. Where possible our illuminated signage is manufactured with LED lighting to enhance the effect of your signage. Illuminated signs ensure your business has visibility day and night.

Illuminated Signs can come in many different styles such as front lit 3D letters, Back-lit, Halo lit, light boxes, and many more.

Illuminated signs ensure visibility

Illuminated signs ensure visibility

Marley Signs specialises in LED lighting, LED is a market leader when it comes to business signage lighting or lighting in general, due to its Long life span, versatility and extremely low running costs (when compared to the standard neon and halogen lighting options). Illuminated signage that is manufactured with LED lighting can if done right enhance the look and cost effectiveness of your signage. Marley signs recommends and Uses LED lighting in our illuminated signage.

We offer a wide variety of options to fit your signage needs such as:

  • Sign Cabinets
  • Channel Letters
  • Custom back lit signage
  • Digital LED displays

Marley Signs have the sign writing expertise to put your message in the best light, with back lit displays that makes your advertising attract customers day and night. We can also use coloured LED's so you are able to change up your signs lighting and create high impact with your signage. You can control your LED sign boards or light box signage from a centralised location which is great for restaurants, bars and retail stores.

LED Display Boards

LED Display Boards

New advances in technology allows your signage to change its advertising content. This fast growing advertising method using LED sign Boards with colourful displays allow you to advertise day and night, and to change your own content! Get in touch today to discuss your new LED Display Board Signage.

Neon FLEX LED Signage

Neon FLEX LED Signage

Choose Neon Flex LED Signage for lasting impressions. Resembling the old Neon fluorescent tubes of the past, this super bright signage is available in many colours.

The running costs of Neon Flex LED signage is minimal when compared to the running costs of traditional Neon fluorescent tubes due to the low power consumption of LED diodes.

We are able to custom make any Neon Flex LED Signs to your requirements.

Call today for a free quote or to find out more about your Illuminated Signage options: 0407 289 780